You're doing good work, people!

What is it?

“Motivate” is the world's most positive and encouraging IRC bot command. It first appeared in pmxbot on internal IRC at Polimetrix (now YouGov). Other sightings:

The history of !m

  • [06:36:30] <cperry> so, in the early days, I would attempt to bolster jamwt/mrshoe by telling them they were doing good work
  • [06:36:36] <cperry> which eventually turned meaningless
  • [06:36:39] <cperry> and into a pmxbot command
  • [06:36:58] <cperry> early on, jamwt would say how much he liked hearing it, as it was motivational
  • [06:37:00] <cperry> but alas
  • [06:37:00] <cperry> anyways
  • [06:37:05] <cperry> I overused it
  • [06:37:13] <cperry> one day my sister comes to visit in palo alto
  • [06:37:18] <cperry> she stops by the office
  • [06:37:25] <cperry> and I introduce her to a few people
  • [06:37:29] <cperry> we're in with jamwt/mrshoe
  • [06:37:33] <cperry> and as we're leaving
  • [06:37:43] <cperry> she says, "you guys are doing good work!"
  • [06:37:50] <cperry> completely unprompted
  • [06:37:58] <cperry> the guys about died
  • [06:38:02] <cperry> we laughed and laughed
  • [06:38:15] <cperry> my poor sister didn't know what happened
  • [06:38:18] <cperry> she was confused
  • [06:38:20] <berryp> !m cperry
  • [06:38:20] <pmxbot> You're doing good work, cperry!

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